Health tailored to Generation Z

04/04/2024   •   Customer news
Health tailored to Generation Z
The results of a large national survey on the life and health habits of 20-year-olds from the Hello Twenties platform, of the company Galenika a.d. Belgrade, showed that 66 percent of young people, assessing their own state of health, say that they have no serious health problems, and that they are healthy or very healthy. However, 78 percent of those surveyed state that they have some minor health problem, and the most common are fatigue, colds, obesity, spine problems, and headaches. Depression or anxiety is mentioned by almost a quarter of young respondents, more of whom are women. Women also suffer more from fatigue, weak immunity, hormone problems and insulin resistance. More serious health problems are mentioned by three percent of respondents. 

The Hello Twenties platform conducted a survey on the lifestyle habits of twenty-year-olds on a sample of 600 respondents from all over Serbia. The target group was young people aged 19 to 25, as well as the population aged 26 to 30. The younger group of respondents mainly consists of students who still live with their parents, while the older group consists mainly of those who have completed the process of formal education and live either with their parents or with their partner. 

Read more about the results of the research on the website of the Hello Twenties platform.