HELL Boxing Kings qualifications held in Belgrade, the main prize attracted the interest of thousands of boxers from the region

04/24/2024   •   Customer news
HELL Boxing Kings qualifications held in Belgrade, the main prize attracted the interest of thousands of boxers from the region
So far, more than 13,000 people have applied for the international boxing tournament HELL Boxing Kings, and Belgrade was recently the sixth city where the qualifications were held. Thousands of boxers from all six countries where the qualifications have been held so far have already been invited to personal auditions, the HBK team announced. 

Tamas Madi, CEO of HELL ENERGY Promotion doo, said after the Belgrade qualifications that the number of applications exceeded the predicted calculations. 

"Now, after qualifying in six countries, I can say with certainty that all expectations are exceeded, not only in quantity but also in quality. The best from each country participated in the qualifications. It is obvious that our competitive series is taken seriously as if it were the qualifications for the Olympic Games. Many put everything on the line because they know that victory could change their lives," said Tamas Madi. 

Prize money as a driving force 

The motivations to participate vary, and the top prize of $100,000 per category has shaken up the boxing community in the ten countries involved, a fact that most people cite when asked about their motivation to enter the HELL Boxing Kings competition.

For example, a young man from the Czech Republic lived as a homeless person in Ireland for almost a year just so he could learn from one of his biggest role models. And now he is taking part in the qualifications to prove himself. 

Casting for HELL Boxing Kings is like casting for the movie "Rocky", because not only do we see boxers, but we also hear numerous human stories. For example, one candidate from Serbia quit his job to focus on the competition series. He was so motivated that he trained for four or five hours every day.

Another great example comes from the Belgrade casting. The former national champion, who hung up his gloves more than five years ago, is now back in the ring. 

One of the most interesting cases is related to a young man who, although without any previous experience, decided to embark on this adventure after seeing the invitation from the HELL Boxing Kings. That's when he went to the gym for the first time, and after 20 training sessions, he reached the qualifications. 

The HBK team reports that among the Hungarian candidates, perhaps one of the most interesting competitors is a 65-year-old athlete who learned boxing from the legendary Laszlo Papp. There's also a former professional football player who started practicing combat sports as anger management therapy, which he did so well that he started winning cage fighting competitions, and now he's put on the gloves because he's determined to become a professional boxer. 

Zsolt Erdei, who became the amateur world champion in 1997, won a bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, then became the WBO light heavyweight world champion among professionals and won the WBC cruiserweight belt, is now participating in the selection process as Head of HELL Boxing Kings coaching staff. 

"I would like to emphasize that, if in my time we had the opportunities that young men have now, then the whole sport would be at a higher level. Looking at the candidates, you can see that very strong competitors are gathering, I think the participants in the next fight will become stars. Mike Tyson or Jake Paul would sweat against them in the ring" - said Zsolt Erdei and added: "Many have applied, and these young men come from a place where they learned what a real fight is. From a professional perspective, this competitive series is not only a very good initiative but also a huge opportunity for fighters. They are given the chance to enter the world of professional boxing. It is already obvious that very serious competitors will enter the HELL Boxing Kings ring, those whom professional stars in America and England should already start to fear". 

HELL Boxing Kings is a unique competition series that selects the best boxers from ten countries. During the qualifications, candidates demonstrate their skills on a specially constructed track in front of the coaching staff. 

This track was originally built in Budapest, and after the Hungarian qualifications, the "traveling spectacle" followed. This is one of the interesting aspects of the casting, as the track is built in each of the participating countries, so the 70 members of the HELL Boxing Kings team travel with the same setup.