How we make decisions?

04/27/2020   •   Agency news
How we make decisions?

Milena Avramović Bjelica, Chapter 4 Executive Director and Co-Founder for the March issue of Profit magazine talked about how does she make decisions in life. On this occasion Milena said that there is not one simple formula for making the correct decision whether it is a small decision, or an important one and when it comes to business decisions, she generally rely on experience and knowledge. Additionally she seek advice from her partner and friend Tamara and together they analyze all possible aspects and consequences of the decision.

The same approach Milena applies in her private life and generally make the decision that seems reasonable and prudent and the best possible at a given moment. What she finds it important for the decision she makes is not to negatively affect people from her surroundings, or reduce possible negative impact as much as she can. And when she has to make a decision quickly, and there is not enough time for analysis, she relies on her inner instinct because until now, it has rarely failed her.