ICCO: World PR report

12/02/2021   •   Profession news
ICCO: World PR report
Last year’s ICCO World PR Report provided a sobering analysis of the impact of Covid on our industry. Encouragingly though, it also reported that PR leaders were confident that having weathered the Covid storm, a road back to growth and profitability was visible. Fortunately, in the latest ICCO World PR Report 2021-2022, on a 10-point scale, PR leaders revealed a global optimism average of 7.3 out of 10. From their point of view, Strategic Consulting will be the most important skills set for PR professionals in the future. An astonishing 95% expect an increase in client income –compared with only one in five last year. Also, there is room for improvement given the fact that just 48% of global PR firms offer formal mental health and wellbeing support to staff. 

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