Ideas that drive changes selected

11/03/2023   •   Customer news
Ideas that drive changes selected
The Pančevo Local Foundation, in cooperation with the CWP company and its subsidiary Vetrozelena, selected seven local initiatives that applied to the "Ideas that drive change" competition, and whose actions in the territories of Dolovo and Banatsko Novo Selo will be financially supported. 2,000,000 dinars were distributed through the competition. 

Initiatives that met the criteria of the competition with their ideas, according to the assessment of the independent jury, and that will bring positive changes to their local communities are: 

• "Diversity is in us" of the Citizens' Association for Mental Education "Mozaik" – spreading awareness about mental health and mental hygiene of children in Banatsko Novo Selo and Dolovo 
• "Reproductive health is not a taboo!" of the Creative Youth Center Pančevo for the Fight Against AIDS "KOMPAS" – education about reproductive health, in Banatsko Novo Selo and Dolovo 
• Education "Adventure of the Green Lizard" of the "Youth Zone" Association – promotion of ecology and recycling through play and education of children in Banatsko Novi Selo 
• Documentary film "The Thread of the Banatian Embroidery" of the Association "Serbia my home" – preservation of tradition and cultural heritage in Dolovo 
• "Dolovo is poetry“ – poetry colony of the informal group "Poets of Dolova" – creation and exchange of poetic ideas, creative writing and poetry workshops and presentation of one's place through the written word 
• "Let's include people with disabilities in the life of our community" of the Dolovo Youth Active – inclusion and the importance of space accessibility for all community members in Dolovo 
• "Market time machine" of the "Neozoik" Foundation – education of children in Dolovo about the local archaeological heritage of Dolovo. 

"The applications received for the competition showed that in every community there are fellow citizens who want to contribute to positive change – with their ideas, creativity, belief that together we can do more. The Pancevo local foundation is here to lead this process of cooperation with supported initiatives, which is much more than that – an opportunity for networking, support, capacity building and knowledge exchange. United, we can make our environment better and feel good, and this is a real example of those changes," said Marina Balaž, program coordinator of the Pancevo Local Foundation. 

The importance of such initiatives for local communities is also recognized by the CWP company. 

"It is wonderful to see how many individuals and groups have ideas and desires to contribute to their community and we are extremely glad that, in cooperation with our partners, LFP, we have the opportunity to inspire and support such projects. Together we can do much more than any of us can do individually. We are glad that we joined around such important topics as empowering individuals and communities, raising environmental awareness, supporting culture and art, and caring for health and well-being. We hope that this competition will strengthen current associations and individuals in actively contributing to the community, but also inspire some new initiatives in these fields and show that significant changes are possible, as long as there is desire, will and support," said Tijana Gajić, CSR Lead of the Company at CWP Europe. 

The projects selected through the competition will be implemented in the period from November 15 of this year to May 15, 2024.