Immunity during the summer: 5 habits for regeneration and health

07/06/2023   •   Customer news
Immunity during the summer: 5 habits for regeneration and health
The summer is here, and care about health is always current. For the summer months to really be the time for relaxing and regeneration, a pharmaceutical company Galenika highlights five main habits for health prevention. 

The immune system is very sensitive to the effects of various external factors. Summertime implies exposure to prolonged heat, which potentially leads to the weakening of immunity. Additionally, allergies increase on a global level, and prolonged allergy season is characteristic of the summer period of blooming and the greenhouse effect, caused by heat and precipitation. 

Minerals and vitamins as immune system guardians 

During the summertime, extreme heat is a common cause of increased tiredness, exhaustion, and blood pressure increase. In addition, due to intensified physical activity, muscle cramps may occur. A decline in immunity exposes the body to greater risk. 

Vitamins and minerals have a leading role in the prevention and preservation of the function of the immune system. The combination of vitamins and minerals which contains magnesium, vitamins B1, B6, K2, and folate contributes to the proper functioning of the muscles, including the heart, as well as to the preservation of the health of the cardiovascular system. Vitamin D is an ally in the service of strengthening immunity and bones and affects a better mood. The intake of vitamin B12 is also important; it contributes to normal metabolism, reduction of tiredness and exhaustion, the formation of red blood cells, and optimal functioning of the nervous system. 

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