International Award As The Additional Incentive

02/07/2019   •   Blog
International Award As The Additional Incentive


The success we've achieved is based on the effort of every team member and the trust we've built up with our clients, both of which we are particularly proud. We're satisfied with what we have achieved, but we're striving for even better results. This was a turbulent year in which we still managed to push the limits, says Tamara Bekčić

Judging by the prestigious international PRO PR Award that you received for your contribution to the profession, you have had a good and successful year. How difficult was it?

In addition to being filed with challenges, 2018 was also an excellent year for Chapter 4, with growth in turnover and profits, with which we surpassed our plans, consolidated our position with our clients and in the market, and achieved even better positioning within the Chapter 4 CEE group.

The international PRO PR Award arrived at the right time, giving us additional tailwind and incentive from the very beginning of the year. I'm extremely honoured and grateful to the international jury for this recognition, but also to the organiser of the PRO.PR Awards, Danijel Koletić, who invests ongoing efforts to advance the visibility of colleagues and the importance of our profession.

How hard is it to entice and acquire a new client today? What can you offer them that the competition can't?

Every client is a specific and special challenge. This is the beauty of this job. We provide each company and client with high quality support and monitor their development. Public relations represent a strategic function with growing importance. In the time of new technologies, social changes and transformations of business that occur on a daily basis, successful corporate communication represents a comparative advantage and strong support for a company's business goals.

I count among the strengths of Chapter 4, first and foremost, the stability and responsibility with which we approach projects, given that we invest resources in advising each client with dedication, without neglecting creativity and with a clear focus on clients' business. We emphasise the strategic approach to planning and realising communication programmes, whether it comes to an annual communication plan, communication training for management, corporate social responsibility, or the organisation of an important event. I would also like to highlight the strong regional presence of Chapter 4 as a group, that is our local agencies, in markets across CEE, with outstanding knowledge of communication, business and socio-economic conditions.

Can creativity and innovation compensate for limited budgets?

Chapter 4 team experts aim to provide maximum value to clients for the funds invested. We strive for innovative solutions and a creative approach, but these are relative categories that depend on the client, its goal and budget.

Over the course of years, we've reached the heights of creativity with very limited budgets and we've regularly received pats on the back or important praise from all over Europe, based on the ratio between funds invested and results achieved. On the basis of my experience, the winning combination includes expertise, excellent knowledge of the client and its industry, insight into the best world practises and constant development, business focus, good planning research, and strong commitment to implement and evaluate communication activities. It isn`t simple, but it's dynamic and the most beautiful job in the world when one knows and loves it.

Tamara Bekčić, director and co-founder of agency Chapter 4 in Serbia

The text was originally written for the CorD magazine, the February edition and a special addition with communication topics