Open competition for internship on the "Hello Twenties" project

05/14/2024   •   Customer news
Open competition for internship on the "Hello Twenties" project
The socially responsible platform "Hello Twenties" of the company Galenika is once again realizing a six-month, professional, paid internship program for all young people who want to participate in the creation of quality and relevant content for their peers. In this way, young people get the opportunity to gain their first business experience, improve their communication and digital skills, and show their creative side, editing the portal and creating content for social networks. 

The internship is intended for undergraduate or master's students residing in Serbia, who are not employed. During the internship, interns will contribute to the creation of relevant content, bringing new insights into the habits and interests of their generation. In addition, they are provided with education in the fields of digital marketing, PR, and business skills. The entire process is accompanied by a mentoring program and support, as well as monthly financial compensation for the internship. 

In line with trends, the internship program is fully adapted to the habits of Generation Z. The engagement of four hours a day five days a week is flexible, in a hybrid format, and adapted to their university obligations and lifestyle habits. 

When it comes to the application process, candidates are expected to send their resumes, but also to present themselves in a video format and express themselves in a creative and authentic way. The competition is open until April 26, 2024, after which interviews with candidates will follow. The selection process will be completed by June 17, and the engagement of the intern team will begin on July 1 and will last until December 20. 

You can find all the information on how to apply, conditions, and details of engagement for the professional practice program at the LINK.