Invitation for Galenika’s media contest “Health of the 21st Century”

04/07/2023   •   Customer news
Invitation for Galenika’s media contest “Health of the 21st Century”
On the occasion of World Health Day, which is celebrated on April 7, the Galenika company is launching a contest for the second year in a row and awarding prizes for media articles. This time the topic is “Health of the 21st Century”.

Galenika is devoted to people and loyal to health for already 78 years. Considering the power and mission of the media, the idea is to contribute together to raising awareness of the importance of modern people’s healthy lifestyles. This is a topic that covers a wide area of prevention and treatment, regular medical examinations, mental and physical health balance, the importance and impact of physical activity on the general state of health, care for a healthy diet and regular intake of nutrition, minerals and vitamins, consequences of a paced-up lifestyle and of different habits harmful to health, conscious nurture of healthy habits in adults and children, as well as other preventive steps.

That's why we invite journalists from the territory of Serbia to actively participate in Galenika's contest: "Health of the 21st Century".

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