Knowledge centre and Training academy.

Chapter 4 Knowledge Centre is a direct result of putting our own knowledge and experience to practical use. Through this centre and its academy, we help the clients and their teams overcome the challenges, improve efficiency, get regular refreshments in terms of soft skills and most up to date insights from the market, as well as globally.

Chapter 4 PR team has extensive experience in planning and organizing communications trainings for clients. Experienced public relations consultants develop special modules tailored to the needs of the clients and their teams. While trainings may vary in theme, concept and structure, content, duration, number of participants, even language... they have one thing in common: they are carefully developed to suit the business needs of the client - company and its participants.

All trainings are designed to combine theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. Practical part most often includes a simulation of a real-life / business situation and the tasks provide practical experience for the participants. Every task is carefully evaluated and each training participant receives a detailed report about their participation and results, with key recommendations.

Our references are private and public companies, NGOs, SMEs and large multinational companies from various industries: pharmacy, food industry, banking and financial services, IT, energy and mining, retail, transport, tourism, trade, etc. In addition to communication trainings in Serbia, we have also successfully organized trainings across Europe for representatives of international company management teams.

Some of Chapter 4 Knowledge Centre and Training topics include:

  • Media Training and Public Speaking
  • Crisis Communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Corporate communication
  • Internal Communication and Impact on Efficiency
  • Negotiation skills and Sales
  • Change management
  • Digital Media and Social Networks for Top Managers
  • Etc.

In addition to the senior Chapter 4 PR team, we also have a wide network of partners - professional associates with whom we cooperate depending on the field of training we are developing.