LinkedIn magic: How to get 90% of leads for a PR agency

10/26/2023   •   Profession news
LinkedIn magic: How to get 90% of leads for a PR agency
On LinkedIn, Crackle PR attracts approximately 90% of new clients through bold and confident posts, not from the company's official site. Instead, they're being published by Crackle founder Parry Headrick and his team. 

Headrick focuses on sharing insider knowledge about the PR industry, capturing the attention of clients. So far, about 50,000 people have responded to his posts, and these posts play a key role in attracting new clients for the agency. A key tactic is to make LinkedIn posts about value for others, not self-promotion. In addition to promoting brutal honesty, it also emphasizes that a personal approach on LinkedIn is more effective than corporate profiles. Also, he encourages his team to build their personal brands, which further enriches the company's image. 

Interestingly, most business opportunities come from less viral posts, which attract the attention of real clients, not the masses. Headrick also notes that posting more frequently—even once or twice a day—brings the best results, and that this principle can be applied across industries. 

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Source: PRdaily, Kliping