Manager Does (Not) Know Best?

02/06/2012   •   Profession news
Manager Does (Not) Know Best?

To get a glimpse of what tomorrow''s young global managers might be like as leaders, take a look at how today''s young people think about communications.

For one thing, they are devoted to connectivity. In a recent survey of more than 2,800 college students and young professionals in 14 countries, Cisco found that more than half said they could not live without the internet, and if forced to choose, two-thirds would opt to have an internet rather than a car.

This intense desire to be connected leads to a demand for greater flexibility: Two out of five people said they''d accept a lower-paying job if the position offered greater flexibility on access to social media, the ability to work from where they chose, and choice on the mobile devices they could use on the job. Tomorrow''s young managers will share these attitudes, and workplaces will inevitably become more flexible.

This attitude changes a lot and certainly influence company perception, the way it functions inside and interacts with the outside world. The original blog post about the flexibility and expected changes is available at: