Marbo-PepsiCo Spruce is the Most Beautiful

12/26/2016   •   Profession news
Marbo-PepsiCo Spruce is the Most Beautiful

At the traditional humanitarian contest for the most beautiful Christmas tree at Hyatt Regency Belgrade the winner was the Marbo-PepsiCo fir. The jury was unanimous in its decision and it was made from: singer Sergej Cetkovic, basketball player Milica Dabovic, singer Goca Trzan, actor Sergej Trifunovic, former Miss Europe Milojković Diana and singer Tijana Dapcevic.

This year's theme tree decoration was "The magic is in your hands." Hyatt Regency Belgrade the twentieth time organized a charity festive event during which their creativity represents companies whose employees decorate fir trees that are placed in the hotel lobby.