Mastercard donation for the biggest NURDOR parental house

10/03/2019   •   Profession news
Mastercard donation for the biggest NURDOR parental house

Belgrade, October 03, 2019 - The national donation campaign Mastercard initiated for NURDOR (National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer), as a first phase within long-term
cooperation has completed and Mastercard has donated 250,000 Euros for a new, and so far the biggest NURDOR parental house. This way Mastercard will contributed to finding permanent
solution for providing necessary capacities for parent house in Belgrade, the biggest diagnostic and treatment center in Serbia. High national importance of the campaign is highlighted by the
fact that most of the children from all over Serbia and the region are treated in Belgrade. Campaign “Together for a house that every superhero deserves” is the biggest CSR campaign that
Mastercard has organized in the territory of Serbia and has the national and regional importance as Belgrade is the biggest diagnostic and therapeutic center not only in Serbia but also in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.