MasterIndex 2018 - debit cards in almost every wallet

07/31/2018   •   Profession news
MasterIndex 2018 - debit cards in almost every wallet

A debit card is a staple in wallets of 95% of Serbian cardholders, the latest issue of the annual Mastercard’s MasterIndex* study has shown. Almost a half of respondents own a credit card, while 11% of respondents own a prepaid card. Compared to the last year, the number of people who use their cards at least once a week has slightly increased from 76% to 83%.

“We now see that for bills of up to 1,500 dinars, 34% of respondents opt for cards first, 59% use plastic for bills over 1,500 dinars, while 69% make cards their first choice for bills over 3,000 dinars. ” , Jelena Ristić, Country Manager for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mastercard, commented.

For the first time, state and municipal institutions were not the first choice for locations where consumers would like to have the option to pay with cards – topping the list are courier services at the moment of delivery with 1 in 3 respondents seeing this as a convenient option and open markets (27%).