Media kit essentials: Must-have visual assets

09/05/2022   •   Profession news
Media kit essentials: Must-have visual assets
Companies have a media kit to provide a quick snapshot of their brand to their current and potential clients, journalists, other brands, influencers, and media companies. Thus, this kit needs to assemble attention-grabbing and informative content that offers your company adequate journalistic coverage. With the power of visuals, businesses can ‘show’ their audience rather than ‘tell’ them about their company, thus generating interest and cutting through the content clutter. The top visual assets businesses should include in their media kit are: 

1. Video - Statistics reveal that an average person spends 100 minutes a day consuming video content.
2. Infographic - Including infographics in your media kit and as a part of your PR outreach strategy can help in attracting journalists and a new set of readers. 
3. Picture - They are a core component of a business’s content strategy. 
4. Podcast - Listening to a podcast is convenient and listeners can multitask while consuming the information they are looking for. 

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