Milena Avramović Bjelica - interview for the Profit magazine

04/17/2024   •   Agency news
Milena Avramović Bjelica - interview for the Profit magazine
Milena Avramović Bjelica, executive director and co-founder of Chapter 4 PR agency, on the occasion of the PRO PR Globe Award, spoke for the current issue of the Profit magazine.  

You can read the full interview below. 


PRO PR Globe awards are awarded every year to professionals from the region and the world, for their contribution to the field of public relations and communications. You are one of the winners this year and we congratulate you on your success and this international recognition. How important is this award for you personally? 
Thank you for the congratulations. I think that the most important recognitions are the ones that you get from your colleagues in the same profession. The winners do not even know that they were nominated by colleagues from different companies until they receive the award. The greater the success. So this award means a lot to me because it shows that what we have done, not just me, but together with Tamara Bekčić and our whole team, for almost 15 years, really deserves attention and is valued. We see it in our daily work with clients, as well as in the network with colleagues, but it means a lot when someone independent, who is in the same profession, says that what we do affects how communications are better perceived by the public. 

You are committed to continuous learning and professional development, and you Attended the 21st international PRO PR conference, where the experiences and insights of experts from successful companies from all over the world were presented. What impressed you the most?
The PRO PR conference is the only professional conference in the region that gathers communications professionals from around the world. It is extremely interesting to listen to how communications are developing in America, but also in Africa, Asia, Europe, and of course where we are, as a region in relation to the world. This year a lot of attention was paid to the use of new tools, such as AI in communications, and adapting to market needs, but it is exceptionally important not to lose the essence that makes up our profession, namely integrity, transparency, ethics, and responsibility. Many interesting innovations were presented, followed by a global platform that enables media and PR professionals to connect, and there were also words on crisis communication. I really invite all colleagues to attend this conference because they will meet great people from the world of communications, discuss trends and hear what it is that we can do to make business and the world work better and be more humane. 

According to the insights you have, what is current in communications? 
Communications are constantly evolving, as people's preferences are fluid and technologies are developing. AI will continue to transform public relations, making certain actions easier and shortening the preparation time of some materials. Chatbots will continue to improve user experience and enable faster distribution of messages. Video and podcast content will be used more in communications. Especially podcasts, because you can listen to them even when you're in movement, and video helps to communicate a lot of interesting information in a few minutes. Social media, interactive content, and influencers will continue to be the channels through which companies and brands are trying to create a personalized connection with users and ensure a good reputation. But at the base of all this, there must be a strategic approach to continuous communication. 

From your point of view, as the director of the Chapter 4 PR agency, does the crisis of talent and personnel affect the communications sector and what qualities do you consider most important for the development of a PR professional? 
If someone wants to work in communications and be a PR expert, they must know how to take advantage of opportunities, spread stories, cultivate reputation, strengthen media relations, and generally to know how to establish a permanent relationship with clients and the public, because the relationship in PR is everything, and it is built on trust. The most important thing is to think strategically, to be able to see the bigger picture, to know where to look for information, to be a team player, to pay attention to details, to be ready to constantly learn, and to watch older colleagues, and their achievements, and yet to learn from their mistakes. It is equally important to work and behave by ethical rules, to communicate clearly, truthfully, and transparently.