MOL Group signs acquisition of Szarvas Biogas Plant

05/29/2023   •   Customer news
MOL Group signs acquisition of Szarvas Biogas Plant
MOL Group has agreed on a deal with BayWa AG on the purchase of Szarvas Biogas Plant, a waste processing plant using organic wastes to produce electricity and heat through cogeneration with a peak electric power capacity of around 4 megawatts (MW). The plant processes more than 40,000 tonnes of waste a year from meat production in the region and another 53,000 tonnes of residual waste (such as slurry and manure) from neighboring livestock and meat processing farms. In addition, around 18,000 tonnes of agricultural substrate is used as feedstock for the plant, altogether which produces in excess of 12.5 million cubic meters of biogas.

MOL Group strives to expand its biofuel portfolio to meet the goals set by the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive. This acquisition is also in line with the aims of the REPowerEU action plan, which has set a high target for biogas and methane production to reasonably increase the overall energy independence of the European Union. A sense of responsibility for the security of the energy supply in the Central and Eastern European region is a fundamental part of MOL Group’s identity and mindset for operation and development.

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