MOL Serbia and MOL Group together to the new dual fuel technology

12/07/2023   •   Customer news
MOL Serbia and MOL Group together to the new dual fuel technology
MOL Serbia company participated this year at the LookUp 2 conference in Kopaonik in order to share the experiences that the MOL Group has been building for years in the field of green energy and sustainable supply of oil derivatives in the CEE region, of which Serbia is a part. 

Milenko Janković, MOL Serbia CEO, was a participant at the panel "Critical materials, responsible and sustainable economy", he premiered a new project launched jointly by experts from MOL Serbia and MOL Group – dual fuel technology: diesel + LPG and also presented a number of strategically defined projects that aim to transform traditional operations based on fossil fuels. 

"The combination of diesel fuel and liquefied petroleum gas provides several advantages: a significant reduction in harmful gas emissions (20% - 50%), an increase in engine power, but significant financial savings are also achieved – for transporters, even up to €10 per 100km. It is important to point out that all the necessary infrastructure for this technology already exists in Serbia and other countries, and therefore represents one of the transitional solutions for reducing CO2 emissions that can be applied almost immediately. With the use of this technology, older generation Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines now meet Euro 6 standards, because the addition of LPG enables better diesel combustion, which goes up to 95%, which directly affects the reduction of harmful gas emissions," said Milenko Janković, MOL Serbia CEO. 

During his presentation, Mr. Janković also mentioned the strategy and said that MOL Group presented the updated SHAPE TOMORROW 2030+ strategy a few years ago, in which the company's goal is to be one of the initiators of the energy transformation process in the CEE region. One of the key elements of this strategy is that MOL as a group will spend every second dollar on sustainable projects by 2030. It will also invest one billion dollars in projects that support the circular economy. The goal of MOL Group, and all members depending on the legislative framework of each country, is to accelerate the transformation that has already started in 2016 in order to become carbon neutral by 2050 in terms of carbon absorption and emission. 

When discussing the Serbian market, Milenko Janković announced that "the MOL Serbia has a ready project for implementing ultra-fast chargers on the highway routes in the countries where we have stations. Our plan in Serbia is to implement this project at our stations near border crossings to neighboring countries by the end of 2024, and at all other targeted locations within the MOL network by the middle of 2025. MOL Serbia approached this project following the example of European countries with a developed network of electric chargers. Our goal is to provide users with the most comfortable experience in terms of the duration of charging itself and the flexibility that we want to enable, so in preparing this project we took into account the latest knowledge from Europe and the most modern equipment available on the world market.“ 

At the panel "Critical materials, responsible and sustainable economy" moderated by Ivana Čkonjević, RTS journalist, in addition to the CEO of MOL Serbia, Milenko Janković, participated also Predrag Mijatović, deputy director of the Geological Institute of Serbia; Simon Franco, General Manager, BASF Adriatic; Prof. Dr. Čedomir Beljić, professor of the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the University of Belgrade, and Tomislav Mićović, general secretary of the Association of Oil Companies of Serbia.