MOL Serbia opened a new service station

04/18/2024   •   Customer news
MOL Serbia opened a new service station
The MOL Serbia company opened a new service station on the Miloš the Great highway in the direction of Belgrade - Čačak, near Ub, and announced the expansion of the retail network as one of the key focuses for 2024. 

"We are proud to have opened another, 73rd service station in a row, and we are especially pleased because it is located on the Miloš the Great highway, because in this way we are actively participating in the expansion of Serbia's infrastructure. Apart from highways, we are present in all major cities and on all important roads, but we wish to further strengthen our presence in the cities of Serbia in order to be as close as possible to consumers, because they are our focus. 

I would like to mention that a few weeks ago the MOL Group, of which we are a part, presented the updated SHAPE TOMORROW strategy, which aims to enable a stable green transition, ensure continuous security of energy supply, and at the same time work to make European industry competitive. In the coming years, we will invest more than 4 billion dollars in green investments and our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050," said Milenko Janković, general director of MOL Serbia. 

The new station offers EVO and EVO Plus fuels, which come from MOL Group refineries, and which, according to user satisfaction surveys, are perceived as high quality. We also offer LPG as well as everything you need for a comfortable trip: auto chemicals, polymers, and lubricants. While refueling, consumers will be able to take a break with a coffee at the Fresh Corner or try a hotdog, which is one of the best-selling items in all countries where this concept exists. Fresh Corner was introduced in 2015 and provides a multicultural experience with a local approach which means fresh coffee, sandwiches, cakes, and pastries in a warm, friendly environment. 

"Last year, we also offered our customers the new premium gasoline EVO 100 Plus with a triple effect: longer engine life, better performance, and lower emissions of harmful gases. The mentioned triple effect is contained in EVO Diesel Plus premium fuel, which has been on sale for some time

In addition, MOL Serbia also offers a gastronomic range, thanks to which we are now recognizable by the pleasant smell of freshly prepared food and coffee within the Fresh Corner section. Today, we have 46 Fresh Corners throughout Serbia where more than 5 million cups of coffee and more than one million hotdogs have been sold," said Biljana Mališić Jut, Director of Retail at MOL Serbia and added, "At the beginning of March, we launched the new MOL MOVE loyalty program. In the first month, we recorded really great interest and heard positive reactions from customers. They like the fact that with each purchase they collect points, with which they reach different levels of loyalty and can stay at those levels for up to 12 months and use the benefits they have somehow earned. We believe that the essence of the loyalty program is to provide customers with a longer period of enjoyment of the achieved discounts. In addition, by using the MOL GOLD card - a corporate card for companies, their employees also collect points and receive discounts on their personal loyalty program accounts. And while the promotional period lasts, we have provided a 10 dinars discount on all our premium fuels." 

As at all other MOL service stations, customers will also be able to use the MOL MOVE loyalty program at this one, which provides different discounts and rewards to users within each level, depending on how active the user is in the program. By collecting points with each purchase, the users receive different benefits depending on the level they are in (Green, Silver, Gold, VIP). In addition to standard benefits (discounts on fuel and gastronomic assortment), the loyalty member also receives a welcome gift, mid-level reward, additional points for birthdays, etc.