Assistance provided for the introduction of POS terminals

05/11/2022   •   Customer news
Assistance provided for the introduction of POS terminals
Almost every other citizen of Serbia, ie 49% of them, is ready to register their employer for illegal employment. This is a significant shift compared to the period five years ago, when only a third of workers would do the same, and the most common reason for not registering is the fear of losing a job, it was announced at a press conference. 

Citizens also show greater determination to take action against the gray zone in the role of buyers. Although 90% of them point out that they regularly receive a fiscal receipt when shopping, almost half have no problem asking for it when that is not the case. Also, 31% of citizens say that they would report the seller for not issuing a fiscal invoice, which is a better performance compared to the survey from 2017, when about a fifth of respondents opted for this option. 

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