Neum underwater film festival 2022

07/22/2022   •   Customer news
 Neum underwater film festival 2022
Neum underwater film festival Neum 2022, is being held again this year in Neum on August 19 and 20, 2022 under the auspices of the Neum Municipality and the sponsorship of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports. On the first day of the Neum International Underwater Film Festival, film screenings will be held in the official competition with a rich musical part of the program, and on the second day, educational and ecological underwater filming workshops will be held under the name "Underwater World", where the authors of underwater films are invited to exchange together with professional divers opinions that lead to the safe creation of underwater films. 

Through the Festival, Neum has positioned itself in the world center of underwater film, and films arrive from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, India... The condition for applying to the Festival is a film shot at least 50% of the time under water, sea, lake, pool, river. 

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