New Samsung memory cards with three times better performance

08/22/2022   •   Customer news
New Samsung memory cards with three times better performance
Samsung Electronics, the world leader in advanced memory technology, has introduced its new PRO Plus and EVO Plus lines of premium quality SD and micro SD cards. Samsung's comprehensive range of micro SD cards for everyday and professional storage needs offers the features and capabilities that consumers and professionals need: up to 3x better performance than the previous generation, lightning-fast read and write speeds, along with increased reliability and durability, and all with the aim of delivering the ultra-high performance that every user wants. 

The new micro SD cards, available in a wide range of capacity options, are ideal for expanding mobile storage and capturing high-quality photos, 4K HD (UHD) video and other content on action cameras and drones – even in extreme conditions. Faster and more durable PRO Plus and improved EVO Plus micro SD cards are offered for everyday users and professionals, and the PRO Endurance Memory line meets the stringent requirements of surveillance systems and dashboard cameras. 

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