New visual identity of Panthenol, Galenika's product

06/10/2020   •   Customer news
New visual identity of Panthenol, Galenika's product

The famous Panthenol products, brand of Galenika company, have new visual identity. Cream, ointment, solution and oriblets with vitamin C of brand Panthenol have a new packaging design, characteristic colors, as well as a new slogan. "What color is your Panthenol?" is the message and question for all fans of this brand.

Although the visual identity, packaging and slogan are new, the recipes for favorite Panthenol products that exist for more than 60 years remain unchanged. Taking care of yourself means taking care of your health. Well-groomed skin, hair and mucous membranes are a reflection of general health, immunity, vitality and are part of the general impression we leave with our appearance. Panthenol products with vitamin B5, which nourish the skin and hair, are there to contribute to such an impression.

Panthenol in new packaging brings sensuality and tenderness, intensity, freshness and luxury and invites you to discover what colors your Panthenol is.

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