New Year Charity Bazar

12/03/2012   •   Profession news
New Year Charity Bazar

Chapter 4 team has participated this year again in the traditional event organized by the International Women`s Club at the Belgrade Fair.Along with the programme on the stage, national stand of the countries participants were also very prominent, from all over the world -countries from all the continent have brought and exhibited what they are most proud of and known for.This year`s New Year Charity Bazar was held on Sunday, on 2 December and it presented an amazingmixture of interesting and appealingscents, great flavors, sounds, dancing and sport moves on the stage, national design of the countries on their stands. The first estimates show it was the best event so far judging by the number of guests, means gathered,
but also laughter and happiness on the faces of the youngest ones among the participants on the stage, volunteers and guests.