One of the sexiest men in the world is the new face of the HELL Energy brand

02/19/2024   •   Customer news
One of the sexiest men in the world is the new face of the HELL Energy brand
HELL Energy, the energy drink brand, has announced a new global advertising campaign, which will be available in more than 60 countries, and whose face will be one of the most popular actors in the world, Michele Morone, star of the Netflix movie "365 Days". 

The name Michele Morrone is most often associated with the charismatic character of Massimo Torricelli from "365 Days", as this film, which appeared on the international scene in 2020, brought the Italian actor millions of fans. The film debut was followed by a series of engagements for prestigious fashion houses, including a commercial for Dolce&Gabbana perfume in 2023 with Katy Perry. Also, the audience will see him in the upcoming thriller "Subservience", where he stars alongside Megan Fox. Thanks to these roles, Michele Morrone's name is now synonymous with an attractive, urban look, charisma, and alpha-male energy. 

HELL Energy has always been at the forefront of new, exciting trends, with innovative solutions. Michele's character and stunning appearance perfectly match the brand, so the collaboration between HELL and the Italian star is not just an advertising campaign, but a meeting of two giants who represent strength and quality. 

"Our goal is to open another chapter in the brand's success story with this advertising campaign, with an exciting face whose values are known to the HELL Energy brand. Through this collaboration, we will further increase our international presence and expand our target group by turning to the younger, trend-following generation," said Adrienn Popović, Marketing Operations Director at HELL. 

The new campaign, consisting of several mini-advertisements, will be launched in more than 60 countries in mid-February, using a full range of marketing tools, with a special focus on social media channels. The charismatic Italian actor will be seen by fans and consumers of HELL in an integrated, multi-channel advertising campaign, at points of sale and outdoor advertising media, as well as on television and digital channels. The special feature of the campaign is that it will show Morrone in different life situations while enjoying the HELL energy drink, such as his morning routine or training. 

The commercials were filmed in Hungary, as part of an international production, with a crew of about 100 people and an American director.