Organization of work during the State of Emergency

05/12/2020   •   Agency news
Organization of work during the State of Emergency

Milena Avramović Bjelica, executive director and co-founder, spoke for the portal Netokracija in a text that talks about how staying at home has changed the way some people perceive the availability of their colleagues and their free time, as well as how working hours are organized in generally.

Milena emphasized that understanding and organization were key for working at home, and that all members of the Chapter 4 team were always available to their colleagues and clients. Milena also pointed out that although work in communications requires diligence, planning, analysis and counseling, we always have to consider the fact that the private life of each employee is extremely important and that given the strangeness and unfamiliarity of the situation we need to respect others private time.

The whole text can be read at the following link.