Pantenol Awards 2022

06/17/2022   •   Customer news
Pantenol Awards 2022
Galenika's Pantenol celebrated its 62nd birthday as a brand with an unusually long tradition. Since 1960, as many as 40 million packages of Pantenol products have been produced and sold worldwide. 

In the presence of associates and partners, the company answered the question of what makes a brand successful for 62 years. First and foremost this implies quality, commitment and partnerships. In the name of partnership, the company Galenika awarded prizes to those who contribute to the development of this brand in the market of Serbia and the region. Among the laureates were business partners and agencies that cooperate with the company Galenika, as well as celebrities who in previous years participated in campaigns or supported socially responsible projects of the brand and the company. 

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