Partnership in business

01/15/2020   •   Blog
Partnership in business

They say two heads are smarter than one and that is enough reason for a lot of people, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses, myself included, to enter into business partnerships.

However, it is not just heads i.e. brains "essential" for partnership in business, and especially in communications we deal with, it is very important for partners to come together as personalities, to respect and support each other, to have the same value systems, not only in business but also in private life, that their goals coincide. In one word, they complement each other both in terms of skills and learning and progress.

When Tamara asked me over ten years ago to come to an agency she was running at the time and work together, I thought it might not be a good idea. We have been in knowing each other for years, and that friendship was extremely important to me, and I witnessed many friendships that failed because of the business relationship, but then I thought more deeply, remembered all her attributes and qualities and decided to start working together. Very soon, we were given the opportunity to found Chapter 4, and there was no dilemma to do it together.

Communication is another big part of a business relationship

The two of us talked all the time to make sure we are on the same course and to know what both of us work at any time. Dialogue is very important to me because it reduces the possibility of assumptions and encourages us to follow our vision and goals. Open communication minimizes misunderstandings and if they do, we resolve them more quickly. Of course, the two of us do not think alike and do not share the same views on each topic, but as I said at the beginning, this is our strength, because we complement each other, make compromises ... Partnerships are not easy to create, and even harder to maintain, we do we succeed because we have clearly defined how we want to grow an agency and know what we expect from each other, because no one can read minds, so successful partnerships require communication. We are both fully aware of what the other man is better at, and we are not afraid to seek help from one another, we do not consider it a flaw, but the ability to continue learning from one another and improving ourselves. Finally, business partnerships must be mutually beneficial.

Ten years later, I never thought I had made a good decision. I am grateful to meet Tamara through work, with whom I share my life, which helps me to be better every day and to give my maximum. I am proud of our shared ten years of work, development and all the great and small successes that are woven into Chapter 4. We are not just two of us worthy of it, but all the people who are now or were once part of our team and to we are both extremely grateful on that. And at the end in order to be a partner with someone, first you have to love that person, just as they are.

Author: Milena Avramović Bjelica