Paying with mobile wallets returns money

11/01/2021   •   Customer news
Paying with mobile wallets returns money
A traditional study on the habits and expectations of active card users, Masterindex Serbia, showed that contactless payments with payment cards and mobile phones are a reality for 81% of citizens. All Mastercard card users who use mobile wallets from November 1 to December 15, 2021 have the opportunity to get a refund on their account. They need to make three or more payments with a mobile wallet within which the Mastercard card has been digitized, at the point of sale of any domestic merchant in the cumulative amount of at least RSD 1,000.00 and receive a refund of RSD 1,000.000 to their account. 

"Mobile phones are an important part of our everyday life, and with the advancement of technology, these smart devices now have additional functionality: they can simplify our shopping experience, make it even faster, easier and very secure," said Jelena Ristic, country manager for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina at Mastercard.

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