PepsiCo - Responsible brands in focus

01/30/2024   •   Customer news
PepsiCo - Responsible brands in focus
Ever since 2021, when the PepsiCo company launched the pep+ strategic transformation, placing business sustainability at the center of the company's growth, significant initiatives have been launched that aim to have a positive impact on the entire value chain. In addition to the application of successful global practices in the domain of sustainability in local markets, some of the most successful ideas are the result of the work of local PepsiCo teams who recognized topics of importance and launched campaigns that paved the way for positive changes in the community. 


At the local level, PepsiCo's focus this year was aimed at raising society's awareness of several important topics. Directing the attention of consumers, but also the entire community, the company engaged the community in the issue of adequate disposal of plastic packaging through the campaign "Plus for the planet - change starts with you". By placing green points at several traffic locations in Belgrade, symbolically on the World Day of Plastic Packaging Reuse, PepsiCo invited fellow citizens to dispose of plastic packaging and bring their used plastic bottles to the marked green points. The collected bottles were forwarded to the recycling operator for further processing and preparation for their next purpose – the construction of the largest structure made of plastic bottles in the world over the artificial lake on Ada Ciganlija. On that occasion, PepsiCo entered the Guinness Book of World Records. All bottles used in the construction of the structure were returned to the recycling operator for further recycling, in order to have the opportunity to be reused and extend their life cycle. 

In this way, apart from Belgrade becoming the proud bearer of the Guinness award, one far more important thing was achieved - the company drew attention to the fact that we can only make positive changes together. Engagement of citizens, education about the importance of recycling, and encouragement of each contribution to this initiative reflect another important goal of the pep+ agenda, which is to direct resources to increase the rate of recycling, and to have a positive impact on the natural environment. 

The full article is available on the website of Nova ekonomija magazine, and was originally published in the Leaders of Social Responsibility 2023 edition.