Pledge of Youth Health

08/31/2022   •   Customer news
Pledge of Youth Health
The Hello Twenties platform, in cooperation with the National Youth Council of Serbia, presented the Pledge for Youth Health, as a set of guidelines for improving the health status of this population. 50 young activists, students and employees in health institutions from various cities and municipalities throughout Serbia participated in the drafting of the Pledge. The purpose of the Pledge is to give young people the opportunity to have their voice heard, as well as to point out the importance of the topic to other young people, decision makers and relevant actors of youth health. 

As the primary topics on which the Pledge is based, young people singled out the principle of prevention and preventive examinations, health education of young people, with a special focus on young people from health-impaired target groups, healthy lifestyles and mental health of young people. Through each of these fundamental principles, young people distinguished the rights they stand for, the challenges they face in practice, as well as guidelines for the improvement of each of these areas. 

Read the full text of the Pledge for Youth Health here.