Proud of winning Disrupt awards

04/05/2022   •   Agency news
Proud of winning Disrupt awards
Our Chapter 4 Serbia clients, Mastercard and Galenika, as well as our teams, won Disrupt awards for the Superhero campaign powered by Mastercard and Hello Twenties powered by Galenika. Hello Twenties, a socially responsible project of the Galenika company, won the Disrupt Innovation Award in the Health and Pharmacy category. The project was nominated by Galenika and Chapter 4 PR. In the Disrupt Innovation category for the finance category, a Mastercard for the Superhero project was nominated by McCann and Chapter4. 

The Disrupt Prize Competition was organized with the aim of promoting companies, agencies, associations and individuals who stood out in the field of innovation and communication during the challenging 2021, and managed to achieve success with their activities and move society forward.