Purpose is followed by the courageous

11/10/2021   •   Agency news
Purpose is followed by the courageous
The purpose is followed by the corageous - this is the title of the text written for Adbook by Tamara Bekčić, director and co-founder of the Chapter 4 agency. We have been participating in an exceptional Adbook project, Marketing mreža, for three years now, which this year is called "Purpose comes from the top", and the income from the publication is intended to support the Forum of Youth with Disabilities. Below you can read the text written by our Tamara Bekčić. 

Purpose is followed by the courageous 

Purpose is a powerful force without which we can no longer move forward. The more developed the society and economy are, the more pronounced is the commitment towards a goal above ourselves, above personal or corporate interest. We have seen its great growth in importance in recent years, especially through the millennial generation, which represents not only active and picky consumers with a very developed opinion and attitude, but also a desirable workforce for which identification with values as a reason for existence and business is important. 

External perception of purpose has been much talked about in previous years, its positive impact on communication and the reputation of companies. We have now moved to the next level, as we have considerable data from global research that show us in a very convincing way the connection between the purpose and success of management teams, team spirit, sales and business in general. 

What does it mean to lead by purpose? 

Successful leadership today is driven by purpose, more than ever before. Leaders and managers who breathe life into the purpose of the company through business and their own example, understand that their role is not only to make strategic business decisions, but also to inspire their teams through values. Research shows us that teams of leaders, who effectively illustrate corporate purpose, are more motivated and achieve better business results. Such teams are more compact and stable, and they also show a higher degree of creativity and innovation. As a result, such companies are more desirable employers, and their brands, products or services have a better reputation. 

Everything is connected. The chain of purpose starts with an individual, a group of individuals, team, community, company and spreads through the whole society. The responsibility is on (each) individual and his "why" - a concrete contribution to society. When many responsible individuals come together and activate around the same goal and value, then the purpose becomes a reality, and the well-being for society takes a tangible form. 

Purpose sets out brave and successful leaders 

In working with companies, I see that purpose represents the energy the team draws from a common goal. And more than that, the purpose further ignites a spark of courage and readiness to act. It is a wind in the back for roads that are sometimes unknown, even risky to some extent, but go towards a goal of higher importance that creates unbreakable connections. Managers and leaders, who put the purpose on the pedestal it deserves, inspire the team to meet business goals, and with their foresight and dedication contribute to society. As a rule, they are not only successful, but also brave visionaries. 

Author: Tamara Bekčić, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Chapter 4 PR agency 

The text was written for Adbooka #3 and published in November