Recycling in the company Dr. Oetker

05/20/2024   •   Customer news
Recycling in the company Dr. Oetker
In accordance with the commitment to the preservation of the environment, the Dr. Oetker company is taking significant steps towards achieving complete recyclability of its packaging. Focused on reducing the environmental impact, we pay special attention to the recycling of cardboard transport packaging and primary packaging in the form of bags that we use to pack our products. 

Regarding the cardboard packaging, which is used for transport purposes, we proudly point out that it is fully recyclable. This initiative contributes to waste reduction and supports global efforts to conserve resources. In addition, we are working on continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our transport packaging. 

As for the primary packaging, i.e. the bags in which we pack our products that consumers can find in markets, we are in the process of replacing them to achieve 100% recyclable packaging. This plan is part of our long-term vision of responsible business and environmental protection. 

We believe that it is crucial that all our packaging, be it boxes or bags, is completely recyclable. Our goal is to enable each package to be recycled in such a way that it becomes a new package, a part of the packaging, or a secondary raw material. This strategy applies to all components of our packaging, and we are committed to achieving this goal to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible approach to the use of packaging. 

In the company Dr. Oetker, we will continue to innovate and apply best practices to achieve high recycling standards and contribute to the conservation of natural resources. This initiative represents our commitment to creating a better future for our consumers and planet Earth. 

This article was originally published on the website of Nova ekonomija magazine.