Relations with specific target audiences and public affairs.

Building and maintaining relationships with government institutions and local community, as well as influencing public policies is a specialized part of strategic PR support. The purpose of lobbying is to represent company interests in the society, politics, legislative, as well as to stimulate public opinion through the media and other channels of communication. Public Affairs is a way of influencing decision-making processes as well as the decision-makers, with a specific strategy.

Our Partnership BCW Global - one of the world's leading PR networks, ensures the highest quality of modern communications services and the ongoing exchange of information and research regarding trends and best practice worldwide. At the same time, working closely with Chapter 4 agencies across different markets in the region enables us to plan and successfully implement regional client campaigns in an extremely efficient manner.

We provide the following services:

  • Qualitative market analysis
  • Mapping relevant institutions and community members, opinion-leading individuals
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with relevant institutions and community members
  • International Affairs and European Affairs