Representatives of Serbia in the celebrity category at the HELL BOXING KINGS tournament announced

05/10/2024   •   Customer news
Representatives of Serbia in the celebrity category at the HELL BOXING KINGS tournament announced
Una Kablar and Filip Đukić will represent Serbia at the international boxing competition HELL BOXING KINGS, in the celebrity category. 

The boxing tournament with a total prize fund of one million dollars is looking for the best boxers from ten countries in four weight classes and a celebrity category. The winners will receive $100,000 per weight class. 

The qualification rounds will take place this June in the DVTK Arena in Miskolc. The quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will be broadcast live on television or online during the autumn. Roy Jones Jr., one of the most successful boxers of all time, will be the main patron of the event and the guest star of the final. 

Una Kablar will fight in the 60 kg category (+-5 kg), and Filip Đukić in the 75 kg category (+-5 kg). The training of participants is financially supported by HELL ENERGY. 

From reality TV to boxing 

Filip Đukić is a thirty-six-year-old who played football until he was 20. He worked in an exchange office and devoted his free time to partying, which lasted until 2015, when he started a career in reality shows, which, at least for now, ended in 2020. He participated in four reality shows. In the meantime, he started tattooing, and after the reality show, he began hosting a show on Red TV. 

He likes rock and roll, and he describes himself as a bit crazy, eccentric and philanthropic. "He who knows me, even hell will not be hard for him", joked Filip. His motto is: To be old and wise, you must first be young and crazy. "Looks like I'm just going to be old," he says. 

Authenticity as a path to success 

Una is a twenty-three-year-old from Belgrade, an influencer, and a content creator, she’s occupied with digital marketing and various forms of art. Recently, she officially became a tattoo artist. "Tattoos are my great love and one of the ways I express myself. I love everything that stands out, everything different and strange", says Una. 

She loves to travel and can't imagine staying in one place - her goal is to travel the whole world. She is an animal lover, particularly fascinated by snakes, and lives with her three pythons. 

She has been involved in sports since she was little, trained in various disciplines, but never tried martial arts. 

"Since I like to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, this competition caught my attention," concludes Una.