Sanja Glamočanin, marketing director for OTC/FS products at Galenika company: the feminine principle conquers marketing

12/22/2023   •   Customer news
Sanja Glamočanin, marketing director for OTC/FS products at Galenika company: the feminine principle conquers marketing
Marketing, the place where ideas turn into reality, is witnessing significant transformations. Among the most compelling is the rise and role of women in shaping this ever-evolving domain. Sanja Glamočanin, marketing director for OTC/FS products at Galenika company, spoke for the magazine Lepota i zdravlje about marketing and the role of women in it.
You can read the interview in its entirety below. 

To begin with, how did Sanja get into marketing?
A seemingly unusual story... I graduated from psychology. During my studies, I often worked as a promoter in order to provide pocket money. It was there that I first encountered the world of marketing and consumers, as well as the influence that marketing can have on the decisions of product users. It was the building of the relationship between the consumer and the brand that attracted me. I was inspired by the phenomenon of how a brand and a consumer can create a sincere relationship and an unbreakable bond, and develop together, which is similar to the relationship between a psychologist and a client. And I told myself that's it... I often like to say that psychology is my first love, and marketing is my life choice and passion. 

What is it like to be a woman in the business world of marketing?
In order to be successful in any business, including marketing, whether you are a woman or a man, I believe that a lot of dedicated work, committment, willingness to learn and constant professional development are needed. In my career, I worked in different positions and in different markets. I also had a "trip" from marketing to sales, all with the aim of better understanding the business. It is precisely this diversity that has enabled me to see the breadth of business challenges, and that today I can perform my work better and make decisions more easily and quickly. It gave me additional security as a business woman, but also as a woman... Also, it is important to learn to deal with defeat, because it is also an integral part of business. When a failure happens - you should talk openly with your colleagues, look at the mistakes, learn from them, because that's the only way to improve the work. 

What do you have to say on the subject of the "female principle" in business?
Being a woman in business has many advantages. I believe that what women see, notice, value and how they perceive the world is a huge potential for companies. The balance that a female perspective brings to business is of great importance. Women bring to work all the elements of the "feminine principle" - beauty in things, relationships, understanding, commitment with emotion and care, and creation of something new. Numerous studies suggest that women often score higher in certain aspects of emotional intelligence, such as empathy. In marketing, this is of key importance, because it can lead to the creation of more emotionally resonant marketing campaigns and innovative ideas, as well as the development of new products that meet the needs of consumers to a greater extent... In addition to the above, there is also a practical side. Namely, from my professional experience, it is somehow easier for a woman than a man to dare to say that she does not understand or know something, and to seek help from her colleagues, which actually opens up space for constructive discussion and learning... Finally, I see the biggest advantage in the visionary power of women. I can proudly state that I work in a company that is dedicated to the development of female talents and leadership potential and that recognizes the value of diversity, because as many as 55% of managers in Galenica are women. 

And what is the importance of the team?
In business, you can't do anything by yourself. It's an illusion. Without the team and trust in the team and myself, I simply don't see how I could do this job. I believe that we must first know ourselves well, what our strengths and weaknesses are. And accordingly choose the closest team of collaborators, rely on them, as they rely on you. I have worked in several industries, and through my experience I have become convinced that the expertise of an individual is necessary, but that an integrated team and mutual trust is even more important, because only then does synergy emerge. Throughout a good part of my career, I have been guided by the saying "Nobody is perfect but a team can be". The people I worked with and work with are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and energy for me. This is also the case at Galenica, a company that puts team synergy first. 

Trends in modern marketing - where are they leading us?
It is clear that we are moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing and online sales channels. We haven't fully adopted that either, and new technologies and trends are coming to us. For example, conversational marketing and interactions with consumers driven by artificial intelligence (AI), the integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with the aim of creating a unique brand experience for users, as well as ethical marketing that informs users about environmental brand value - are just some of the leading trends in marketing... The world of marketing of the present and the future is obviously a combination of technology and a user-centric approach. Adaptability and innovation remain the cornerstones of marketing success. 

What does career-life balance mean to you?
We live at an accelerated pace, we are dedicated to work to a significant extent. There are also private obligations, and sometimes it is a challenge to maintain a balance. Like everyone, I sometimes get out of balance, and then I try to reduce the list of obligations and increase the list of pleasures. Continuity is important here, as in everything. Continuity builds stability, and stability gives you a sense of balance. I believe that there is no "general recipe" that fits everyone, but neither is it "eternal". It changes over time. My recipe is "small everyday pleasures" and you need to know your priorities, ie. what is important to you in life, and ensure it. If we know what is important to us, it will be easier to maintain balance. Weekends are very important to me. It's like having a mini-vacation every week. But I don't wait for the weekend to "live", but every day I carry out my mini-pleasures. Let's say, when I cook, I always try a new recipe. I train regularly, I like to have a morning coffee with my teammates, as well as having a work meeting having coffee. That way, I start the day in a good mood. I spend most of my free time on the river, with friends, with essential enjoyment and contemplation over dark chocolate and coffee. I am especially happy to work in Galenica, which cultivates an attitude towards employees in accordance with its slogan "dedicated to people, loyal to health", and the natural environment of the company is filled with greenery, so when the weather is nice, I always use 15 minutes during my lunch break to walk "around the circle" and refresh my thoughts and perspective. That's my "model". 

Your message to our readers?
My message to all women is - be authentic and above all yourself. Have dreams, believe in them and work hard to make them come true, because the power of a woman is great. It's worth the effort.