Schneider Electric EVlink charging solutions for electric vehicles

04/26/2013   •   Profession news
Schneider Electric  EVlink charging solutions for electric vehicles

In the near future, massive electric cars, will significantly affect the growth of energy consumption, a key solution to the energy challenges will be reliable, secure, and widespread infrastructure for charging the vehicles. Schneider Electric has developed EVlink solution for charging electric vehicles, which will allow drivers to recharge their „tank'''' at every step, wherever you are parked.In an effort to cover all segments of demand, Schneider Electric has more than one solution for charging electric vehicles. The idea is that to tomorrow users of electric cars will have the available infrastructure for charging, which will enable them to supplement their "tank" at every step, wherever they are parked. During the night they will charge cars in their garage, while they are at work their four-wheeler will charge in the parking business building , and while shopping, it will be supplemented in the garage of a shopping center. The solution for residential use is less power, and thus the period of charging is longer (6 to 8 hours). Then there is a solution adapted to public parking, garages, shopping malls and business centers, and finally solutions for petrol stations (for fast charging solutions where 80% of the tank filled with 30 minutes).