Secret is in sharing

02/07/2012   •   Blog
Secret is in sharing

In past couple of years there has been an increasing number of corporate blogs, primarily in the business areas such as public relations and marketing. What is the cause for that - was it to be trendy, not to fall behind the competition, or to open another channel for the placement of corporate propaganda?

Company’s website has already become an essential part of communication. Its appearance and content are more important than its existence because website is the company`s face on the Internet. So what is a corporate blog but the brain and the place where company''s employees address to (personaly or as a company) the public, express their creativity, interests and preferences. Also, a corporate blog is the ideal way to introduce your company to the potential customers so they will, from the "first hand", find out who are their partners.

If a blog is set properly and regularly updated with quality content, corporate blog can be a powerful tool for a serious PR agency. A site may offer an overview of basic services, but it is the blog that will show potential customers how agency team is thinking. Blog provides "intelligent" presentation through quality articles, market research and analysis. There, individuals and also a whole team can demonstrate their skills from the knowledge regarding local market, analytical thinking to creative writing. Although every post should include a personal touch there must be a clear limit so the corporate blog would not become a channel for a personal promotion.

Corporate blog is not a trend or fashion but a necessity of modern business. If you are already getting into corporate blogging write it from your heart, without pressure or desire for self promotion. Do not worry if at first readership is small, without any comments - blog because you want to share something with others!