SMARTER CHARGING of mobile internet Boosting consumer Experience

06/29/2012   •   Profession news
SMARTER CHARGING of mobile internet Boosting consumer Experience

Ericsson ConsumerLab have studied whether smarter traffic charging and management of mobile internet could improve the consumer experience, at the same time as securing operator revenue. The ‘Smarter Mobile Broadband’ study is based on interviews with 2,300 mobile internet users aged between 16-59 years old in the US, UK, Indonesia and Brazil.
How to attract new customers
The question facing many operators is how to go about attracting new users, as well as increasing usage among basic existing users. The study identified a number of ways to address this:

40-45% of respondents said they would use their mobile phones more if they had access to better internet speed; 30-45% said that lower price of data is a key element to increase usage;

30-40% said that a better battery life for the mobile phone is also important;

30-40% said that having a better network coverage also influences usage.

Many consumers also express frustrations about paying for a plan that is not fully used, this would in turn favor more personalized price plans.