Social responsibility as an imperative of McDonald’s

02/09/2021   •   Customer news
Social responsibility as an imperative of McDonald’s
As a socially responsible company, McDonald's Serbia, since its arrival on the Serbian market 32 years ago, has been helping humanitarian and other institutions that provide support to marginalized groups and other vulnerable people. Through the charity money-boxes only that are placed in every restaurant, and thanks to the donations of the restaurant guests, almost a million euros were collected. The money was donated thus supported with more than 100 different associations, organizations and institutions that care for children or other vulnerable groups. Among these organizations and institutions are: Zvečanska, Svratište za decu, Lice ulice, Uvek s decom, Nurdor, Children's Hospital in Tirsova, Children's Department of the Hospital in Pancevo, Fund B92 Foundation, Foundation "Be Human", Elementary School "Radivoj Popovic" and many others.

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