STIHL company in the action of greening urban areas

03/17/2022   •   Customer news
STIHL company in the action of greening urban areas
The company STIHL, the world's leading manufacturer of chainsaws and devices for agriculture, forestry, horticulture, as well as the construction industry, in cooperation with JKP "Zelenilo Beograd" planted 96 cedar seedlings in the park "Ušće" in New Belgrade. This number of 96 seedlings symbolizes the number of years of the company's existence. 

STIHL supports local, regional and global initiatives for the protection of the environment and natural resources. STIHL employees are active in all countries in which the company operates and are involved in local cooperative ventures and projects for the care and maintenance of environmentally friendly parks, gardens and forests. In addition, STIHL supports international environmental organizations and projects. 

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