Support for education: CWP Europe allocated funds for the renovation and equipping of the elementary school in Salaš near Zaječar

12/28/2023   •   Customer news
Support for education: CWP Europe allocated funds for the renovation and equipping of the elementary school in Salaš near Zaječar
The CWP Europe company, one of the leaders in the field of development of renewable energy projects, donated school equipment and funds for the renovation of carpentry in the Primary School "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" in Salaš near Zaječar, on which territory the Solarina solar power plant project is being developed. 

With the desire to improve the conditions in which the youngest students live and acquire new knowledge, the CWP company allocated funds for this community again this year, thus providing new windows and school equipment. In addition to the replacement of 13 windows and one door in the school building, which will significantly improve the energy efficiency of this building, the company donated balls for physical education classes, table tennis tables, blackboards, a printer, a scanner, curtains for classrooms and other office materials, in order to enable elementary school students to attend classes in their school in a better way. 

"Positive impact on the communities where we develop renewable energy projects is one of the central values of our company. We always try to contribute to the improvement of the lives of the people in whose environment we operate through the development of the project. This is precisely why, with this donation, we wanted to support the youngest residents of Salaš and surrounding towns who attend this elementary school, believing that investing in children is investing in the future of all of us. The values that we build in the CWP company - in the first place, the belief that the greatest success is the result of the work of people with a vision and goal of the common good - through CSR activities, we also share with the representatives of cities, municipalities and villages with whom we have daily contact during our work, which always fills every one of us with immense joy", said Jovanka Atanacković, Director for Project Development in Serbia at CWP Europe. 

The CWP company demonstrated care for the youngest of this community by organizing the environmental workshop "Eco Academics" for children from preschool age to the fourth grade of elementary school. About 60 students went through an educational and experiential program, through which environmental topics were introduced to them, with the encouragement to understand the importance of being in nature and strengthening their connection with it. At the end of the workshop, all participants received gifts such as eco bags, books, eco water bottles, as well as "Eco-Academic" diplomas. 

In addition to environmental ones, the company also launched a project of creative acting, music, and painting workshops for children. During the first semester, classes in these branches of art were organized every Saturday on the school premises, with the possibility of continuing the project in the second semester as well. Last year's New Year's holidays were marked with the play "Toy Strike" and the sharing of presents, and on December 26 this year, another sharing of presents was held, which was enriched by a play whose main actors were children. On that occasion, the elementary school "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" awarded the company CWP - Solarina with a certificate of appreciation for its contribution to the development of the quality of the school's educational work. 

In its socially responsible activities, the CWP company pays special attention to empowering women in small communities, such as Banatsko Novi Selo and Dolovo, near which it is working on the Vetrozelena wind power plant project. The two-month training in the production of handicrafts brought the members of the "Dolovke" and "Novoseljanke / Boboacele" associations new skills, but also the opportunity to market their unique handicrafts through cooperation with the Ethno network. The participants of the training, of whom there were 16, were also presented with certificates during the ceremony, which was organized for that occasion in December at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade. 

In addition to the program of its own socially responsible initiatives, the CWP company is happy to support the community by participating in other projects important for the natural environment and the local community, one of which is the action "Plant and Save" organized at the beginning of December by the Municipality of Kula, on which territory CWP is developing the Equinox Power hybrid power plant. With its participation, CWP provided 200 ash seedlings for that occasion.