Tamara Bekčić for BizLife

01/10/2022   •   Agency news
Tamara Bekčić for BizLife
Our dear Tamara Bekčić, Managing Director and Co-founder of Chapter4 Communication and Consulting, spoke for the jubilee, 100th edition of BizLife magazine. The interview was published in BizLife magazine. 

1. The PR industry is practically "reborn" every year. What changes has the pandemic brought to that industry and how much impact will it have on future trends in that industry? Is the traditional form of PR irreversibly outdated? 

I would not call anything related to public relations traditional. The essence of PR is not changing, but the world is changing, and quality public relations has that in mind. A couple of years ago in Oxford, Milena and I had the opportunity to listen to Lord Chadlington, a businessman, experienced journalist and seasoned PR consultant, who then stated that PR is communication management and content creation in any format and for different media and communication channels. I think that statement, in its simplicity, is the essence. Public relations is the only marketing discipline that involves all stakeholders of an organization. This has probably never been more obvious than during the previous two years. Public relations and communication have played a significant role in supporting organizations to stand on their own two feet, bringing together all target groups towards business goals and strategic priorities, but also understanding and solidarity. Our industry will have to stay two steps ahead of customer expectations in the coming years. 

2. The growth, in fact the "boom", of the popularity of social networks, from YouTube to TikTok, has changed the way companies communicate with their target audiences. In your opinion, what is the most important thing that social networks have brought? 

These are, above all, transparency and two-way communication - opening space for constant dialogue. On the other hand, the popularity of social networks has brought about the rapid transmission of fake news and crisis topics. I like to think that the world will deal with it in an organized and successful way. 

3. Would you rate content marketing as an evolution or a revolution? 

Definitely evolution. The goal of content marketing is to encourage the audience to take action, and the content should attract valuable, interesting and relevant information in accordance with the defined strategy. In my opinion, content marketing is the systematization of existing knowledge and their modern application. 

4. Chapter4 has been operating on the Serbian market for more than a decade. What are you most proud of in your business so far? 

Yes, in January we celebrate 12 years of work. I would like to rewrite Milena's answer to this question. In short: team, clients, development and results, creativity and strategy. 

5. What is one piece of advice you always give to clients? 

It is difficult to single out one, because clients and situations differ, and counseling is our main activity, often 24/7. And if you don't communicate - you send a message. And if you communicate unplanned - you do not achieve the goal. Communication management is a strategic and long-term decision. 

6. How will you remember this year, personally and professionally? 

Leaving the comfort zone marked the previous year. This is partly the result of broader circumstances, and partly of planned development (I smile as I say this). So, pushing the boundaries in every way. And one more thing: gratitude, for everything achieved and learned, privately and professionally.