The classic dessert is 129 years old

03/09/2023   •   Customer news
The classic dessert is 129 years old
Dr. Oetker Original Pudding is a synonym for experience, quality and joy. The right for the name „Original“ Dr. Oetker pudding owes to the skills of Dr. August Oetker, an apothecary from Bielefeld, who produced the first ready powder for pudding preparation in 1894. He packed the pudding in a branded bag, hence he can righteously be called a „father“ of modern pudding. People worldwide consume Dr. Oetker pudding, created in Bielefeld, and the city itself got a sympathetic nickname „The capital of pudding“. As a reminder, there are four popular tastes of Dr. Oetker Original pudding on our market: vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate.

The youngest member of Dr. Oetker pudding’s family is pudding for preparation in a cup. It is an ideal dessert for quick preparation, ready for 2-3 minutes, contains inulin, and there are three tastes available: inevitable chocolate and vanilla, and fine coconut with chocolate bits. It is enough to stir the content of a bag by hand, with a spoon, with 150 ml of cold milk and you will have a portion of creamy pudding.

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