The energy that drives change

01/12/2024   •   Customer news
The energy that drives change
The CWP company is one of the leaders in the field of development of renewable energy projects. Our goal is to achieve a transformative impact on the region by developing green energy projects and contributing to the development and well-being of the communities with which we do business. 

At the core of our socially responsible business is building trust and long-term relationships, innovation, and the desire to jointly create value and positive change. 

We particularly invest in youth empowerment, community capacity building, women's empowerment, environmental care, health and well-being, and arts and culture. 

Education and empowerment of young people 

We are focused on strengthening the capacity of communities, mainly through education and youth empowerment. We are particularly focused on inspiring them through mentoring lectures to continue the circle of giving and thereby support the well-being and development of their environment. To achieve this goal, we cooperate with the PEXIM Foundation, providing scholarships for education at prestigious universities, supporting the Foundation's mentoring program, and providing employment opportunities. 

Our support includes contributing to adequate conditions for learning and development by investing in school renovations, purchasing school materials and equipment, organizing additional education, as well as other scholarship programs that we implement through cooperation with the communities in which we operate. 

You can read more about how the CWP company invests in the other mentioned areas in the rest of the article published on the page of Nova ekonomija magazine. The article was originally published in the Leaders of Social Responsibility 2023 edition, edited by the New Economy.