The power of storytelling

12/22/2021   •   Profession news
The power of storytelling
PR storytelling is a powerful tool through which information is transmitted, influences opinions and builds trust among the audience. The primary reason is that information packed in the form of a story is always easier for our brain to receive than information that is just communicated to us. 

When we consume uninteresting information, such as a presentation packed with tables and graphs, a certain part of our brain is activated which translates information into meaning. When we hear a story, a much larger part of the brain is activated, including those parts that would have been activated if we had personally experienced the events we hear about. In other words, by listening to a story, rather than dryly presenting information, we develop thoughts, opinions and ideas that connect us more directly with the person who tells us the story. And that’s what makes PR storytelling such a powerful weapon in marketing. 

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