The Role of Quality in the Company Success

09/06/2021   •   Customer news
The Role of Quality in the Company Success
Natasa Mamula, Executive Director for production and quality of the Galenika company, in her text for last week's issue of the weekly NIN, spoke about the ways of gaining and maintaining customer trust, as well as the factors that contribute to that. 

From her point of view, in modern business, the availability of quality, safe and efficient products is crucial for gaining and maintaining customer trust. Therefore, quality management is the philosophy of production management in order to constantly improve product quality and improve customer satisfaction. Four decades ago, quality management was focused on customer and continuous improvement. The new quality paradigm is based on risk management, but still focused on the user. 

Quality is built not only into the product production process but also into the entire product life cycle. Companies succeed when they gain the trust of customers and use every interaction with them to create value. A customer-focused organization culture can offer greater brand valuation, customer loyalty, and increased market share. Quality is an imperative when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Product quality management ensures a better life for product users and the health system as a whole. 

On the other hand, risk-taking is an important element in a company's activities, especially because of the increase in their efficiency and effectiveness. In the pharmaceutical industry, risk-taking is limited by set standards that lead to a quality, safe and efficient product. This industry is highly regulated with the requirements of ISO and GxP standards. 
The pharmaceutical company Galenika has a certified standard based on risk management. Continuous risk management enables Galenica to perform activities consistently and in a controlled manner, improves the decision-making process, increases business transparency, improves planning and prioritization through a comprehensive and structured understanding of business activities, protects the company's assets and image. Therefore, it can be proudly said that Galenika's slogan "Dedicated to people, faithful to health" is not only a slogan, but also a synonym for quality that has lasted for 76 years. 

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