Thousands signing up for the HELL Boxing Kings international tournament

03/06/2024   •   Customer news
Thousands signing up for the HELL Boxing Kings international tournament
The world of boxing is once again at the forefront as the HELL Boxing Kings International Tournament has attracted more interest than expected. 

“Thousands of people from the 10 participating countries have already applied, including certified boxers, Olympic and world champions. But many other martial artists see HELL Boxing Kings as a chance to further their professional athletic career: we have cage fighters, karate fighters, K1 fighters, and Thai boxers among our applicants, but best of all, many who would like to participate in the tournament without any sporting background, just for the love of boxing,” said Tamás Mádi, Managing Director at HELL ENERGY PROMOTION Ltd. 

There are several reasons for the huge interest in the competition, one of these is, of course, the huge prize money on offer: $100,000 per weight class. This amount represents a unique opportunity for all participants to make their dreams come true. Many of the entrants hope that this prize money will open new, life-changing opportunities for them. 

The motivation is different for almost everyone: some are attracted by the achievement, while many are attracted by a further sporting career or financial security. But others just want to try their hand in the ring, and of course, many are attracted by the prospect of a professional career. 

Nine-time world champion boxer Roy Jones Jr. is the tournament's patron. The presence of the American boxing legend not only raises the profile of the tournament, but also gives credibility and inspires the participants to put up their best fight for the title. 

The selection of the competitors has not even started yet, but several streaming providers have already signed up to broadcast HELL Boxing Kings. This would allow viewers to get a behind-the-scenes look at the competition and see all the details of how competitors prepare and fight. 

The deadline for applications is 15 March and anyone who meets the entry requirements and wants to win the $100,000 prize can apply on the website 

From the end of March, casting calls will start in all participating countries to find exceptional talents worthy of representing their country in the HELL Boxing Kings.